The Brainsbook on Networking (ISBN 978-3-200-01549-4) was published in June 2009 as the world’s first Brainsbook. It was a joint effort by the world’s internet community, inspired by a group of renowned experts in the field and its contributions written, reviewed and selected by users of the Brainsbook website. It includes contributions in English and German from 40 authors in 15 different countries.

The printed edition and the eBook live alongside this website as a culmination of the Brainsbook process. It has been a valuable experience that has shown us all the advantages and pitfalls of such an undertaking, while collecting a variety of thoughts, experiences, tips and opinions packed into 240 pages of exciting networking knowledge.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of networking or a network management professional, this special edition brings you the whole momentum – and an idea of common knowledge – from an intercultural world. With contributions in English or German, the Brainsbook has just the ingredients you need to feed your thoughts and boost your networking performance!

The Limited Original Edition of the Brainsbook on Networking is available at a special price of €19,90 and can be ordered through Brainswork in Vienna.

The eBook for € 4,90 can be found at Google Play Books or directly on the Brainswork website.

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