Brainsbook cover

With 40 authors from 15 countries, the Brainsbook on Networking is the world’s first Brainsbook – inspired by leading experts and written by an international community of internet users. Released in June 2009, the printed edition of the Brainsbook on Networking offers 240 pages of real tips and real experiences by people as diverse as networking itself.  In it, newcomers and networking professionals alike will find food thought and useful networking tools.

The Brainsbook on Networking has been an amazing journey between the offline and online worlds, from executive careers to social activism, from Australia to Brazil via Darfur and Helsinki. The publication of the printed edition in June has brought us to the final destination. However, as in any journey, reaching our destination doesn’t mean that the journey ends there. That is one of the reasons for this blog – to seek out new destinations and ideas for the Brainsbook on Networking and the Brainsbook community.

The other reason, of course, is to share exciting insights into the Brainsbook’s contents and continue sharing thoughts, visions and outlooks from within and beyond the networking world.

Welcome to the Brainsbook blog!

To learn more about how you too can get your copy of the limited original edition of the Brainsbook (with contributions in English and German), visit the About page.

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