In Memoriam: Dr. Bernd Baumgartl

Dr. Bernd Baumgartl

Dr. Bernd Baumgartl

The Brainsbook community is very sad to announce that Brainsbook author and esteemed networking expert Dr. Bernd Baumgartl has recently passed away in Vienna.

Born in Salzburg, Bernd was Executive of the Navreme Knowledge Development KEG and has served as faculty member and visiting scholar at a variety of institutions such as the European Peace University and the London School of Economics. Throughout his professional life, Bernd work in projects throughout Europe and beyond on topics like conflict resulotion, environment, education, capacity building and public and private sector development. He was a passionate networker who spoke various foreign languages.

A lot of Dr. Baumgartl’s work was related to fostering and strengthening European partnerships. “Networks are so characteristic of Europe that they’re actually a key principle of the EU”, he wrote in the Brainsbook on Networking. He also touched the topic of networking benefits: “Networking may sound like an ordeal, sometimes we all feel the time, the money, the energy, the ideas may have been better invested elsewhere. However, if we document, analyze and exchange our networking experience – we’ll not only be able to manage and use our own networks, but also turn our networking skills into much demanded and well-paid expertise.”

An avid network manager and highly skilled expert, Dr. Bernd Baumgartl will be missed by an international network of friends, colleagues and partners.

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