The blogpaper: newspaper made of blogs

What does a blogpaper and networking have in common?
Well, a blogpaper is a newspaper composed out of blogs (!) where the community is the editor. The community on the website decides what is relevant and important enough to be published. This new newspaper/blogpaper was just published in London.

And networking…  To quote Marie-Sophie Blondeau: “Networking? You do hate it, or love it, or live it.  So what? Not any need for reading a book about it! You may think so. Then… Think about it again: This witty, inspired and inspiring  Brainsbook on Networking may surprise you… Enjoy it! ”

The Brainsbook on Networking enabled everybody with access to internet to read, to critique, become an author or even an editor by voting the most relevant articles on networking which where then published in the brainsbook…

To quote the publisher of the blogpaper: “Instead of a few people controlling the majority of what is being published and therefore read, theblogpaper aims to put the majority in charge. We believe in the power of the community, rather than in the power of the individual.”

 We agree;-)

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